Check Out Old Spice’s New Spice Guys

Old Spice is going old school to promote their brand new line of bar soaps. Their ad agency used classic jingle-based soap television creative from yesteryear (think Irish Spring). The new spots demonstrate how guys can wash their body the manly way, with manly scented bar soap to the tune of extremely masculine, yet incredibly informative jingles.

Apparently, more than 40 percent of guys are loyal bar soap users. I admit, I’m one. It was a segment of the market, Old Spice wanted to target. The brand created bar soaps using their three most popular scents– Fiji, Pure Sport and Swagger.

“We know many guys are living with an unspoken shame – that they simply use whatever bar soap is already in the shower based on what the woman in their life purchased and is often using. I guess we’re also in the business of helping guys reclaim their territory in the shower.” – Joe Arcuri, Vice President, North America Beauty Care at Procter & Gamble

The commercials were created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland advertising agency. Out of the two, I prefer the “watermelon” ad. That jingle is not only catchy but absolutely ridiculous. Watch it below. PS: If anyone knows the names of the actors in the ads, please share them in the comments section. Much appreciated.

Old Spice | Watermelon

Old Spice | Shower


    “It’s a really weird commercial for soap.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, hahahaha.

  • kyle

    damn… the doctor’s smirk is just EVERYTHING!

  • Russell

    I’m with Kyle. So impressive that he can keep smouldering in every absurd situation.

  • andrew

    I didn’t know their was an alternative to bar soap. Pass the Dove Unscented please.

  • T-bone

    old spice-shower boy has some beautiful eyes..

  • CB

    The name of the actor with the watermelon is David Berry. He’s Australian.