Can you believe it’s already OCTOBER? I can’t. But that means awards season is here in movie land and we’re in for some killer movies in the next couple of months. After last month’s abysmal screening of Getaway I was scared to ever see another movie. These movies, however, have got me super excited!

Without delay, here are my picks for must see movies this month (with some serious awards contenders)

5 Must-See October 2013 Movies


Release Date: October 4th

Why you should see it: This one goes without saying. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are powerhouses that apparently deliver stunning performances. I’ll be seeing this movie in an IMAX theatre to get the full experience.

The Dirties

Release Date: October 4th

Why you should see it: School shootings seem to be getting MORE common since columbine and while this movie is sure to be controversial in its depiction of these types of acts, it looks like a fabulously insightful and powerful film that is sure to spark further discussion.

Machete Kills

Release Date: October 11th

Why you should see it: Lady Gaga

Romeo and Juliet

Release Date: September 27th

Why you should see it: The first of two “remakes” on my list. But is it really a remake when it’s a tale as classical as this? I don’t know. Either way it’s one of my FAVORITE plays and having Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) play Tybalt doesn’t hurt at all either.


Release Date: October 18th

Why you should see it: I’m normally one to scoff at remakes of really cheesy movies but this one looks fantastic. Plus, who doesn’t love Julianne Moore?

Note: Runner, Runner was totally going to make this list until I saw it last night. Review is over here.