Ocean’s Eleven All-Female Reboot Finds Its Lead


With the all-female Ghostbusters generating plenty of buzz, naturally Hollywood is looking to reboot another beloved franchise but with ladies at the forefront. Ocean’s Eleven is the next to get a gender swap.

George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh who worked together on the 2001 film, are once again teaming up to reboot the original 1960s Rat Pack heist film. Soderbergh who directed the successful trilogy is handing over duties behind the camera over to Gary Ross (The Hunger Games). Find out who’s been tapped to lead the film.


It’s none other than Sandra Bullock. Love, love, love this choice. Clearly, the 51-year-old actress and Clooney have grown much closer since starring in Gravity. George co-produced Sandy’s upcoming film, Our Brand Is Crisis.

Coincidentally, the part in that film was originally written for Clooney. I guess the reigning People’s Most Beautiful Woman is all about George’s hand-me downs 😉

What do you think of an all-female Ocean’s Eleven? Who else should join Bullock in the crime caper? With Ross on deck, naturally his Hunger Games leading lady, Jennifer Lawrence, will be in the mix. That would be fantastic if she joined. Weigh in below.

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