On September 17th “Occupy Wall Street” officially kicked off and saw roughly 1,000 protesters show up. That number has now grown substantially in the past for weeks and The Occupying has spread to more than 45 American cities and is quickly moving all over the world. The protest was originally called for by the Canadian activist group Adbusters but many more quickly joined in. On October 15th, a multitude of cities across the world plan to join the non-violent movement against the banking and major corporate worlds. Canadian places include Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary with international cities London, Dublin and Sydney following suit.

Many celebrities including Rosanne Barr, Kanye West, Russell Simmons, Susan Sarandon, Deepak Chopra and Michael Moore have already voiced their support for the movement. Many people are sporting signs that read “We are the 99%,” stating that they are part of the 99% of the population who have had enough with the 1% of the population that controls the money.

Many people have many different views and opinions on this subject but one thing is for certain, something big is going to happen. I don’t see how this many places around the world could see this happening and nothing coming from it. I have no clue as to what that something might be but my only hope is that whatever it is comes safely and peacefully. The world is clearly in a very bad state and keeps getting worse and something was bound to snap. Will the monetary system crumble? Will riots break out simultaneously across the world? October 28th in some peoples books is said to be a “D” day of sorts with some Mayan calendar scientist claiming it to be the actual “day,” and not December 21, 2012. Could this be the big change the world has been waiting to see? There are so many questions and right now it’s all developing so fast and no one can really answer them. My one question to you all is, will you Occupy your city? Sound off below!

Vancouver’s Occupy will commence at 10am October 15th at the Art Gallery with over 3,500 facebookers planning to attend.

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