Nyle DiMarco Celebrates Pride In His Tighty Whities

Nyle DiMarco. Tighty Whities. Trampoline. Need I say more?

The America’s Next Top Model winner teams up with Paper magazine to celebrate Pride Month. How? He jumps on a trampoline wearing only a pair of white briefs. If there’s a deeper meaning beyond his jumping antics, it’s over my head. I’ll just take it for what it is. A hot guy bouncing up and down 😉 Check it out below.

Nyle DiMarco ‘Pride’

In addition to channeling his inner child, the 28-year-old male model sits down with the publication to talk about dating, the LGBT community, being sexually fluid and more. Read some quotes from the interview below.

Photography Ellen von Unwerth

On Dating In 2017

I used to have Tinder. I got booted several times because they thought I was an imposter! In all seriousness, it is often through friends, work, parties—and maybe Instagram!

Photography Ellen von Unwerth

On The Future Of The LGBT Community In The USA

I am confident; however, there are still thousands of hearts and minds that need to change and open up. I’m more worried about the children struggling to find their identity during the new administration and especially after attacks on LGBTQ communities—Pulse nightclub, for one. I feel that the current administration is banding us, tighter and stronger—silver lining. That is what makes me hopeful.

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