Behind The Cast: What? It Isn’t The Swine Flu!


Do I worry about getting sick, getting the flu, working too hard, running too fast, staying up too late, drinking too much, etc? No.

Should I worry about it? No. I am in that lovely age bracket between 9 & 55 where most things aren’t likely to kill me. And the way that Brian Cs it – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (tiny Glee shout out – thanks Sue).

This week I have been stricken with the flu… Common or h1n1 is still up for debate. After having had this horrendous illness for 4 days I was well enough to visit my doctor, he listened to my symptoms, which were severe, and offered the following diagnosis: probably not h1n1 but you’ve got the flu for sure. I wish it was h1n1, at least I’d have a good survival story!

Holly crap I thought to myself… I’ve been ridiculously ill for over half a week and it isn’t even swine flu!? Part of what made this sucky experience tolerable was that I believed it was swine flu and I remember my mom telling me you can only get the same flu once (plus the story of my pandemic survival).

Despite my love of a challenge and the story rights, If I get swine flu in a week or two I think I will ask for whatever anti viral drugs they can give me. I’m done with quietly tolerating the pain! Like a pregnant woman expecting her second child… Give me the drugs!!

Let’s just hope this is the last bout of influenza I experience this season, if for no other reason than, I don’t have the time or energy to deal with all of it, other mountains to climb per say.

But hey, my fever broke on Friday… It didn’t kill me! But I’m not any &[email protected]#ing stronger either. Maybe I should take better care of myself?

  • bruin

    wishing you had swine flu?! ummm what?! brian what are you smoking ?!

    thank GOD that you just have the normal flu!
    lots of water and vitamin C will help (try 2000 mg vit c per day). no worries, it’s soluble so the extra will just go with your urine ….and sleep!