Behind The Cast: The “Great” American Road Trip Day 1

For all of you that don’t know, I’m en route to Toronto. My Vancouver life has currently come to an end after a decade in the beautiful city that I’ve called home, and it’s time for broader horizons and greener pastures and blah blah blah. So I kissed some babies and shook some hands (in reality I bawled my eyes out for 48 hours off and on), and after 9 goodbye parties and some scathing Facebook updates on how I was never actually leaving and everyone was hungover and broke, I left.

Three of us sold all of our worldly belongings, save our clothing, packed a Ford Explorer I had purchased for a steal and named Beryl, and with two of my best friends and a cat (yup, his name is Bruce and he’s lovely) in tow, we were off yesterday morning with one goal in mind: first stop, Boise, Idaho.

Well sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned, and considering we had no hotel booked, no truer words could be spoken than when Ellie (*cough* 5th Harmony) said “anything could happen”, and it did. My friend Faye had been down in Seattle for the Washington Wine Festival, and my friend Steve and I knew that we had to be out by 9am after a night out at 1181 in our hometown, but I think secretly we knew we’d be late. We were out by 10. Not bad. After a little morning cry with our friend Heather, and a cruise across Burrard Street Bridge, we were on the road.

There’s not much to say about day 1 except that a 10 hour drive turned into nearly 13 and although Boise would have been a nice time, the reality of it was that, after a drive through Washington and Oregon, we stopped in the outskirts in Nampa, Idaho at a local Motel, but only because the Denny’s outside advertised karaoke 7 days a week, and a “Denny’s Lounge” open until 1am. What more could one want really? Realizing it was 1230 am and we had 30 short minutes to bolt across the street, we made the time worth it with dollar fifty Miller High Life’s, a couple shots of Jim Beam, a lovely bartender named  Trina, and an unnamed gentleman who carried  a story about being from California, having just flown back from Hong Kong that night, and was now a permanent resident of Nampa, Idaho (okay Beyonce) who bought us a round, our night was complete.

7 hours and back on the road. So what? Who cares? Until tomorrow.

  • I can’t believe you’re updating about your trip, I am NOT okay with this what the hell? Now I’m upset again.

  • Cooper

    Newly-coming reality : Keeping up with Nicdashian! Woohooo

  • Michael

    HAHA, You should have driven for another 15 minutes and you would have made it to boise and could have stayed in a Nice hotel. The Super8 you stayed at across from the Denny’s on Northside Blvd is SCARY! Not to mention you have to smell the sugarbeet factory all night.