As you probably already know, the NOH8 Campaign is a “photographic silent protest” created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska in response to Proposition 8. Since it began, there have been over 20,000 faces that have shown their support for the cause. One of these faces is Mary Zilba (shown in the above photo) who is a well known singer and one of the stars of The Real Housewives Of Vancouver. She and friend and TV personality Fiona Forbes have been working together with Bouska to help bring the campaign to Vancouver.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 8, the NOH8 Campaign will set up a mobile studio at the Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel, bringing the NOH8 Campaign to the Vancouver area for the very first time, and the second one ever in Canada! The open photo shoot, done by NOH8 Campaign founder Adam Bouska will take place from 5:00pm and end at 8:00pm.

A while back, I spoke with Mary from RHOV and confirmed with her that she is indeed going to be there on the day to help out and she will also be getting a family photo done with her sons. “I believe it is so important that teenagers and young adults learn early the importance of equality and no hate in our world. It all goes hand in hand with anti Bullying,” she said to me. “It is such an important message despite sexual preference, race and religion. Its about LOVE and loving each other.” Homorazzi is going to be at the shoot as well and we certainly hope you can make it too. More details below.

Pictured above: Mary Zilba (RHOV), Fiona Forbes (Urban Rush), and Mashiah Vaughn (Deussault Inc.).

There is no need to make a reservation as the shoot is being done on a first come, first served basis (FYI: the line will move quickly). When you arrive, you will receive a numbered model release to fill out, followed by receiving your NOH8 tattoo. They will call numbers throughout the shoot, and your corresponding release number will signal your time to line up to have your photo taken.

The NOH8 Campaign accepts cash, most major credit cards, and checks made out to ‘NOH8Campaign‘. Fees cover services & processing for one retouched digital print only (made available through and do not include physical prints.

  • Solo Portraits: $40.00
  • Couple & Group Portraits: $25.00 per person

They always do their best to make sure that everyone in line by 8:00pm has a chance to pose for their photo – and up to this point, they haven’t ever had to turn anyone away! Anyone that would like to join the NOH8 Campaign is asked to wear a plain white shirt to match the look of the signature NOH8 photos.

Celebrity Photographer & NOH8 Co-Founder Adam Bouska will be working around the clock to photograph 5-10 frames for each person that comes through. The final selection he chooses will be retouched and made available to you in about 8 weeks through the website:


Date: Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time: Between 5:00pm and 8:00pm

Location: Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel, 1133 West Hastings Street (Vancouver)




Once you arrive, the NOH8 Campaign will apply the NOH8 temporary tattoo to your face, and we will also supply you with the silver duct tape for the photo.

In closing, make sure you mark the date down in your calendar or smart phone so you’re there to support this great cause at while we have this great opportunity to do so!