This is the third day in a row that I’ve written something to do with homophobia in Australia. The first post was a couple days ago when someone from an Australian reality show was charged with a homophobic assault, urinating on someone and verbally assaulting them. Yesterday, I posted about the movie trailer for a film called Drown based on a play set down under that takes homophobia to the extreme in what looks to be a very intense story.

Only a matter of days ago, a new campaign called “No To Homophobia” just launched in Australia that encourages people to hold others accountable when they witness or are victims of homophobic behavior. It is to educate people that such behavior is not acceptable and that victims are protected under the law. What I love most about these this video campaign is that they’ve really shown so many examples of ways this can happen – all of which are unacceptable.

Watch the video below that shows the ads that have been released thus far.

No To Homophobia – TV Ads

For more information, you can visit their website: