TV BackTalk: Tuesday Night Easy As ABC With A Superhero Family & Superstitious Dancers


ABC premiered its most anticipated show last night, No Ordinary Family. Its no wonder to me how the story lines of The Incredibles and No Ordinary Family cross paths. Well, for one, PIXAR and ABC are owned under the same parent company so I’m assuming that the script writers had access to the similarities. For instance, the dad is slightly overweight and wants to be a police hero. The mother is overworked and the kids are awkward. But besides all of that, this show is good… and let me tell you why.

Julie Benz who plays the mom is DYNAMITE. I loved her in Dexter and I love her even more now. She plays the power breadwinner of the family who works as a research scientist. After the plane crash, she has gained the super power of speed and she uses it to become more of a multi-tasker to be around her family. Michael Chiklis plays the father and his character is so endearing. He wants nothing more than for his family to be the way it used to be and we see that in flashbacks of him in his glory days playing with his kids while they’re younger in the yard.

For me, the turning point of the show was when the Jim Powell (Chiklis) tries to be the hero for the second time in the episode and discovers that his family is not the only one with super powers. In this matrix like fight with great special effects, Jim finds himself the underdog in the world of magical powers. In the end, we discover that Stephanie Powell’s (Benz) boss is the mastermind behind the evil superhuman who trumped Jim in his tracks, setting the stage for many episodes to come. I wasn’t too jazzed for this show I won’t lie but the first episode left me on a cliffhanger that made me set my PVR to series record.

Premiere Episode Rating: A


Its elimination night on DWTS and last night’s episode brought the controversy from the performance show to a head. After rumours circulated on blogs and entertainment shows galore that the audience was booing Sarah Palin, the show revealed unaired footage proving that the audience was most clearly booing the judges rewarding Jennifer Gray a row of 8’s when she most definitely deserved at least one 9 in the trio. That wasn’t the only booing reminisced as they took a look back at Michael Bolton’s astonishing 3 received from Bruno.

Besides the recaps, the show was filled with performances to fill the 1 hour time slot. I wish that FOX and ABC would take a page out of CTV’s book and let the result show only be half an hour long. It would save me half an hour to do… I don’t know, another load of laundry?! Tonight’s performances included Janelle Monet and yet another performance of Tightrope. Her album has so many great songs. PICK ANOTHER ONE! Seal also performed the lead track off his newest album and it was fantastic. The Macy’s Stars of Dance returned with a spectacular performance created by Tone & Rich. Acrobatics, Ballet and Contusion collided to create the masterpiece. We also took a look at the professional’s rituals and superstitions for themselves and with their celebs before they hit the ballroom floor. Some of them were quite interesting ie: Corky smelling the floor. Hmm.

In the end, one couple had to go home and the final four in danger with Mike “The Situation”, Rick Fox, Brandy and Michael Bolton. In the end, Michael Bolton sang the swan song and danced his last dance on the show saying farewell to one of my favorite additions to the show, Chelsea Hightower. Next week, the dancers must tell a story through their dance so I’m looking forward to seeing some of these stories come to life.

Series Episode Rating: B- (for being an hour long)

  • Julie Benz wasn’t on True Blood.
    She was on Buffy.

  • Whoops. I meant Dexter. All fixed. I see via Facebook you enjoyed No Ordinary Family as well.

  • OMG Tommy. I love that you know that. Darla was Amazing!

  • She was on Buffy, Dexter, Desperate Housewives, Jawbreaker…
    Julie Benz is my goddess. I am SO happy she has a new show and it’s going to be a hit I know it.