Behind The Cast: An Internet-Less Life


So I have three more weeks in sunny Queensland, with a brief stop in New Zealand, before i venture home with hopefully a little perspective gained and most likely a whole load of responsibility to pick back up on. My time in Australia has been stellar and the only major downside has been my lack of internet, meaning zero internet, the last three and a half weeks.

One major thing I’ve re-learned about this country is that everyone lacks a sense of immediacy. No one’s out to do anything quickly, ever, and this truly reflects more than anything in business here. Our service provider has told us flat out that because our lack of internet is their fault, that we’re going to kept being put at the bottom of the priority list, right under the customers actually paying for their problem. Would this happen back home? No way. Every business’ fear where I come from is losing customers. Customer first focus is priority one. Here? Seems like they’ll get to it when they get to it.

Now the problem has been a couple things for me, this internet-less life I’ve led. Has it been that I’m not up to date on Brad and Ange news? Or that I had no idea about Haiti until days after the fact? Maybe to a certain extent yes. One thing, though, that it’s undoubtedly done for me is hampered my writing for the site. I love writing and love writing specifically for Homorazzi. I love my platform, my little invisible soap box. I find myself even more grateful that I have it to express myself on Sunday’s like this, or to update on gay marriage in the U.S. It’s my little piece of ego that helps me do what I love to do. Definitely.

More than anything though? It’s made me realize how integrated the internet is into telling people that we love and miss them. “I miss you” is ten characters, spaces included, on a keyboard. Does that make us feel the same way as it does when we actually hear the inflection in someone’s voice when someone physically ovcalizes “I miss you”? It can’t. It can’t possibly have the same biological and emotional response on us that a few words typed on a screen can. Yet this is something that’s become normal to us, to express emotion through a computer.

My soap box is a little low this week, because I’m not completely anti typing ten or twenty characters to someone to let them know you’re thinking of them. But maybe we can just push aside the lazy to look someone in the eye, or at worst, pick up a phone, so they can hear that you really mean it. Being wanted and cared for is something that not everyone in the world has the luxury of, and taking it for granted, when we have all the tools in the world available to us, by not putting in a little effort to connect with someone is a little ridiculous to me now that I’ve gained a little perspective.

I don’t, however, recommend going weeks without being connected to people you love and know from the other side of the world. It’s a little rough. But I’ll survive.

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