No it’s true. It may be the name of the song, but clearly the director and stylists took some inspiration from the title of the song (“Looking Hot“), because Gwen is SMOKIN’ in their new music vid!

This is the group’s follow up single to “Settle Down” off of their sixth studio album Push and Shove, released earlier this year. The first single had mediocre success, and for good reason. The single was on the weak side, and 100% on the safe side, and did nothing to showcase the album. But I have higher hopes for this new single, ’cause I dig what’s going on in almost every corner.

The song itself has a more classic No Doubt feel: a good beat, a great hook, a little reggae breakdown, and a whole lot of Gwen and the boys doing their thing. The video taps into old Western Americana, showing Gwen as the (bleach blonde) Native American Princess in distress in a classic kids game. But is this just an innocent game of cowboys and indians?

The YouTube comments have been controversial to say the least, one user even stating:

“it has nothing to do with intent. whether they intended it to hurt or not, it’s irrelevant because it’s still trivializing and appropriating the culture. it hurts. thats it. this is hurtful to Native American communities. very simple.”

I can understand how someone of a specific ethnicity could see this as carelessly degrading. What do you think? Sound off below. Harmless video? Or racial stereotyping?

No Doubt ‘Looking Hot’ Music Video