A few days ago, a 29-year old from Boston named Robert Jeffrey decided to share a video of him from the summer of 1991 where at 9 years old, he performed to Madonna’s “Vogue” in front of a blue screen background. The video has since gone viral.

That summer, his parents took him to Hampton Beach Casino in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire where there was a business in the casino that gave tourists the chance to lip-sync to their favorite pop songs in front of a blue background. Needless to say, little Robert was eager and ready to participate!

Why did he decide to upload the video now? He figured he’d do so in honor of the twentieth anniversary of Madge’s “Truth or Dare” and in celebration of the upcoming film “W.E.“, which she is directing. He introduces the video by saying, “Here is my nine year old self paying tribute to the woman who changed my life and continues to inspire me just as much today as twenty years ago.” Watch the video below. This kid killed it! I’m so glad his parents let him “express himself,” considering what other parents may have done as I mentioned in the “sissy boy” story the other day.