My Night with Nina Flowers


If you didn’t know I am an event producer, and for the past two years I along with my partner Anna have put on the RAPTURE PRIDE EVENTS. They are the longest running events in Vancouver, and are large scale dance events, or CIRCUIT PARTIES for those in the know. It was started by TBB Productions, and we took over last year.

This year, I struck gold and booked Superstar NINA FLOWERS, the breakout star of RuPaul’s Drag Race. The second we found out she didn’t win, I emailed her right away to book her, and thank god I did. She was pretty much already booked until October, and now she’s booked until March 2010. I paired her up with Tony Moran, and my god it was a match made in heaven.

I had a vision for her performances, because I want to make this larger than life performer appear in a larger than life show, and it was also her first time to Canada so we HAD to make it memorable. Well, we achieved that. The night was jam packed! Over 1100 people went through that door, and no one left. Then Nina took the stage, ande the roof came down. I have never seen that place go crazy like that…it really was LEGENDARY!

One thing that people didn’t get to see was the person behind NINA FLOWERS. Jorge Flores is probably the nicest performer I have ever worked with. Right away it felt like he was just so excited to be here, which made everything so much better. So easy going, up for anything and really really grateful for what we created.


(left to right: Alex, Tommy, Nina Flowers, Patrick, Nina’s Hubby)

Here’s what she had to say about Vancouver:

I absolutely love the Recovery Party in Vancouver, BC. It was out of this world, and “Tommy D” – to date this has been the most incredible party experience I’ve ever performed in. Thank you for the opportunity…and thanks to my new friends and fans in Vancouver, BC – my love to all of you. I will post a blog on this experience on myspace within the next few days.

So, I got myself a little interview her. I am so happy that she was here, and am happy now that I can call her friend. Check it out below. Be sure to click the “HD” option to watch it in High-Def.

We’ve also got video of her performances, watch you’ll see exactly what I mean!

  • Copy? WORK!

  • Tommy… The whole Recovery night was awesome. Thanks to you, the Glorious Anna, Miss Flowers and all your helpers!

  • Wade

    Does anyone know the names of the songs that Nina performed to?

  • Jonny

    Tommy youbettawork! What a kick ass interview and the show looked rawesome! So proud of your success this year at pride. Did Syren get any Flowers’ tips???

  • worrrrkkkk locaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….omg i love nina flowers. sadly, missed ninas performance but shes amazin and so inspirational. love her and syren, i love you too (sorry, random).