Not sure how many Nikita fans there are here, but hopefully some of you find this post of interest.

I’ve been a fan of the CW series since the beginning. Even though it was always ratings-challenged, I’m glad the network stuck with it for several seasons. Even more appreciative that instead of making the writers quickly craft a series finale last year, they gave them a shortened fourth season (six episodes) to wrap things up properly. They’re also bringing in Judd Nelson for the spy series’ swan song. The final countdown begins November 22 with the finale airing December 27. At least they’ll be something new to watch during the repeat-heavy holiday season.

When the show returns, things don’t look great for our favorite heroine. Not only is Nikita trying to clear her name after being framed for the President’s assassination, but life on the homefront sucks as well. Looks like Mikita is on the rocks. In the first look at the final season, Michael declares he’s done fighting for them. Ouch. Check out the promo below.

Nikita Final Season Promo