The other day Nike unveiled it’s big budget commercial featuring Rafael Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo battling it out for athletic supremacy. Not knocking that creative, but I much prefer this Nike ad instead. Why? Simple. It’s absolutely adorable and the lyrics to the song are beyond cute.

The premise of the commercial has a long-distance couple living on opposite coasts. In an effort to see each other, the two embark on a cross-country run to meet halfway in the Midwest. As the ad says, love makes people do crazy things like run across the country.

What starts off as a romantic idea, quickly becomes quite arduous for one half of the couple. As one is sprinting across the US declaring her love, the other is panting singing he’s about to collapse. Here’s an example of the lyric exchange between the two.

Girl: I love you. There I said it.
Boy: I think I’m gonna need a medic.
Girl: You filled the hall with flower petals.
Boy: Why does my mouth taste like metal?
Girl: Baby I might die without you.
Boy: Baby, I might die.

The clip was directed by renowned commercial director Ringan Ledwidge and shot in three cities and five states over the course of 11 days. Watch the clip below to see if the couple eventually meets up.

How adorable was that? If you feel so inclined, you can even download the song for free.