Nicole Scherzinger Gets Soaking “Wet”

With “The X Factor” mere weeks away before it’s much-hyped premiere, expect a lot of promotion from the network and its judges. Being wisely opportunistic, Nicole Scherzinger is going to use this platform to launch her extremely-delayed solo debut album in the US. She’s conquered the UK and other foreign markets, but success without her backup dancers aka The Pussycat Dolls has eluded her in North America.

I was never a fan of Nicole during her tenure with the PCD and thought she was a mic hog. When she attempted to launch her solo career a few years ago and flopped, I chuckled when she came running back to the PCD. These days, I admit I’m a convert and drinking the Nicole juice. What a difference a couple of years make and great songs underneath her belt like “Right There” and my favorite “Don’t Hold Your Breath“. Judging by her latest offering, my love affair with Scherzinger isn’t going to end soon.

The exotic beauty dropped her latest music video, “Wet“, today. Judging by the budget this clip has when compared to the others, it seems her record label is completely backing her solo effort. The Stargate track was directed by Justin Francis who’s worked with Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes and Alicia Keys in the past. As always, Nicole looks pretty damn hot. My favorite part of the video is the insane wall choreography with Nicole and her dancers. It’s friggin’ wicked. You’ll have to check it out.

Nicole Scherzinger “Wet” Music Video

What did you think? The more I hear the track, the more I love it. Having an awesome visual also helps. Could “Wet” be the hit Nicole is looking for to break into the US market? I guess we’ll all find out in the coming weeks. With her weekly appearances on “The X Factor” to raise her profile, I’d be shocked if she didn’t chart with her upcoming music. If she doesn’t, it would appear America loves dogs more than old pussycats 😉

  • nacho

    I loved the entire Killer Love Cd and this song is one of my favorite so I’m glad is a single. but (beside the choreography) i don’t really like the video

  • i love the song, love the CD “Killer Love”, love love Nicole, hopefully this make it big on Billiboard, props

  • Juju

    I love love love Nicole! I’ve been a huge fan since she first auditioned for Popstars on the WB, and she was in Eden’s Crush! I even have her and all of Eden Crush’s autographs when they did a signing at Planet Hollywood! What I never really got was why she never made it solo but made it in PCD when nearly all PCD songs WERE Nicole’s solo songs that never got released on her first solo album, and PCD songs and videos were just Nicole and her back up dancers anyways. People are so fickle.