Pop-Tart Pick: Nicole Scherzinger

So I’ve never been the biggest fan of Miss Nicole Scherzinger but I can respect when someone has pipes, and Nicole definitely has a good set. I’ve seen Pussycat Dolls live twice, once with Christina Aguilera and again with Britney, and I have to admit they kicked the shit out of their performance both times. The first time Nicole even did some acapella singing and I love me some good acapella! The fact that she’s on the new American X-Factor is going to be huge for her. I used to live in the UK and if the American version takes off half as much as the UK version, then Nicole will have a massive platform to re-launch an American career.

The Pop-Tart pick this time is off Nicole’s new album “Killer Love” and the song is titled “Wet.” I chose this song because I heard it and can’t get it out of my head now. It’s super catchy and pop-fun-times! It just makes me wanna jump up and dance around my room like the huge nerd I am. I can definitely see this song being a big summer anthem if the right places start playing it.

  • I’d like to see her strip her sound right down to acapella I can tell she has vocal talent, but the electronics really make it hard to hear that.

  • i so love this song, i listen to it almost everyday three times a day, waking up, taking a bath and before i go to sleep oh and gym