So this is a special pop-tart pick as Nicola’s first solo album Cinderella’s Eyes is about to drop on September 26th, in the UK that is. Nicola Roberts hails from UK girl group pop sensation Girls Aloud which I have featured before for pop-tart pick. It all started on Popstars – The Rivals where Nicola was the quiet ginger of the bunch and stayed like that for most of her years in Girls Aloud. Since the girl group called it a “break” all the girls have been trying their own things. Undoubtedly Chery Cole has had the most success with her solo endeavors and also being a judge on the hit UK series The X-Factor.

Now it’s Nicola who is stepping up and I think she’s got a great career ahead of her. She’s quite the little fashionista and has a pretty good following in the UK. I personally like her because she’s the ginger of the group and I gotta show support (even though the sperm banks apparently don’t want us anymore).

I wasn’t exactly impressed with her first lead off single Beat of my Drum but I can see how it could be a fun track to jump around to in your room. Her next single off the upcoming album was Lucky Day and it was a little bit more my pace for what I’m feeling these days. It’s light and fun and the music video has great retro vibe going. Her latest single released was Sticks & Stones and it is by far my favorite track so far. I can only assume that it’s about being bullied and seeing as I’m a huge activist in that world with The Diversity Project I really like this song. Check out the three tracks below.