Nico Tortorella Goes Shirtless For Treats! Magazine

Halloween is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any more treats (and maybe a trick). Here’s one sweet tasty treat that will satisfy you without all the calories.

I first noticed Nico Tortorella when he appeared on the CW’s short-lived The Beautiful Life. Naturally, the 24-year-old played a model on the show. He certainly has the bone structure to play that role. After its cancellation, he popped up on Scream 4 and ABC Family’s Make It or Break It. With a new high-profile gig on the horizon, you’ll be seeing Tortorella a lot more. In January, he’ll star in the Kevin Bacon-led drama The Following on FOX. That show looks so good.

One His Highly-Anticipated New Show

“All my friends and family are a few less degrees closer to Kevin Bacon at this point. The show is your basic cop drama on crack. You have your detectives, your bad guys, and your victims. I am sure with the team we have this will be some epic television.”

To promote his new show, Nico posed for a fashion editorial for Treats! magazine. Shot by Christian Rios, the actor invited the magazine to snap him in his own personal pad in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Styled by Vanessa Geldbach, Tortorella oozes vintage cool swagger as he wears jeans and chunky knits. Check out the photos below.

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