Sexually Fluid Nico Tortorella Asked If It’s Tougher To Date Men Or Women

nico-tortorella-sexually-fluid-interviewDuring an interview with Page Six earlier this year, Nico Tortorella came out as sexually fluid, aka bisexual in millennial speak 😉 In the past, the handsome Younger actor has been romantically linked to both genders- High School Musical‘s Olesya Rulin and YouTube personality Kyle Krieger to name a couple.

“I’ve never been in any sort of closet…I was never really in the house,” the 27-year-old actor told the publication. “I think it’s one thing to hide…and it’s one thing to come out of the closet in a public statement. But I’ve always done me and never been shy…and have been vocal about it. It’s just a fluidity…We’re all kind of moving into this one situation.”

While he acknowledged he’s been with both men and women, he couldn’t nail down a specific trait he preferred in either gender when questioned during a recent stop at Access Hollywood. However, when asked which sex was more difficult to date, he paused briefly before saying ‘women.’ Can’t say I disagree with him based on my experiences.

Nico Tortorella On Being ‘Sexually Fluid’: ‘I Just Love People’

You can watch Nico on the third season of Younger airing Wednesdays on TV Land. If you can’t get enough of Tortorella, check out his podcast, The Love Bomb, which he launched last month.