Nico Tortorella Writes A Poem About His Penis & More

On Younger, his character almost snagged a deal to publish a coloring book. Turns out, in real life, Nico Tortorella is an actual publish author. The 29-year-old actor recently released a book of poetry titled all of it is you. It explores everything from the smallest cells in our bodies to the outer limits of our universe.

“Tortorella’s debut poetry collection presents a singular voice honed through years as an actor, podcaster, and advocate, one colored with love, wonder, and endless curiosity. But it is also more than just words on a page – it is a sensuous journey into who we are and how we relate to the world around us, showing how the connections we make are vital to understanding why we are here.”

Nico covers a wide range of provocative topics. Without a doubt, the poem about his penis is the one that’s going viral. If you’ve ever wondered what his manhood looks like, wonder no more. If we’re to believe his poem is accurate, his penis is cut, a grower and been ridden several times 😉 Read about it below.

For more excerpts, head over to Amazon.