For her next Top 40 commercial single, Nicki Minaj has chosen a track from her newly packed The Re-Up titled Va Va Voom. I usually love every single track that Nicki puts out there but to be honest, this is probably my least favorite of the bunch.

The track was originally to be the lead-off single for Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded but was later scrapped for Starships. Good choice. The video was filmed in LA and features Nicki in various fairytale situations with some fairytale men. Stylistically, the video looks great but Nicki looks a little lazy in her performance compared to her usual, over-the-top faces and antics. Minaj stated that she was going to release the video despite not being happy with the final result. Honestly, I can see why.

Nicki Minaj, “Va Va Voom”

See what I mean? Not Nicki’s best. The track lacks a little bit of luster for me and the constant zooming in and out makes me a little dizzy. I kind love Nicki’s orange wig though. What do you think of Nicki’s “Va Va Voom” music video? Sound off below.