Nicki Minaj has released her newest video for Super Bass and its very pretty in pink. Sporting a spotted pink bodysuit and a half blonde, half pink, Nicki gets her Roman talking about the men she loves that have the cars with the Super Bass.

Cut to a new outfit with Nicki in a seaweed green wig and some serious fierce shoes, poolside with some hot men and a pool full of Pepto Bismol. Well, I don’t think it’s actually PB but it sure looks like it. She splashes around and even throws a a glass of Pepto on her pool boy friend. How rude. Final scene finds Nicki and company covered in glow paint and kicking it club style in a black-lit room.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this song when the Pink Friday album dropped but this colorful and fun video has kind of changed my mind. What do you think of the bubble gum like video?