Earlier today, I wrote about the premiere episode of the Nicki Minaj: My Truth three-episode documentary and in the episode, we see her recording a song called “Freedom” which is a new track in her upcoming The Re-Up album.

In the episode she says, “With the song freedom, I was able to write about all of the things I’m juggling. I open the song by saying, ‘They’ll never thank me for opening doors’ – only because I feel like people purposely don’t see the strides I’ve made for hip-hop and for black women in general. And I feel that I’m an easy person for people to ridicule and tear apart.” She adds, “Freedom is accepting all of that, know that you may never know who all these people are, but as long as you know who you are, that’s freedom“.

The song has a great hook and it’s definitely my favorite of the several songs she’s released recently. In the chorus, Nicki sings, “I feel free, I feel freedom why the mad / You should see them, burning up / Cause it’s crazy in here crazy in here crazy in here.” Listen to the new track below.

Nicki Minaj – ‘Freedom’