Nicki Minaj has just released the music video for her “Freedom” single, which is also the same song used for her new Pink Friday fragrance commercial. Minaj also performed “Freedom” at the American Music Awards but in Donovan‘s recap of the performances, he categorized it as a “Bad” performance and that she looked like a female version of Ghostbusters’ Marshmallow Man – I’d have to agree. The music video is so much better than that performance.

It’s shot very simplistically and is mostly in black & white. Minaj looks like royalty as she wears some pretty elaborate and glamourous outfits while standing in front of some very scenic backgrounds.

Minaj sings about feeling free as she stands alone in front of some breathtaking backdrops and also from her throne. I think the visuals compliment the lyrics and vibe of the song well and I feel that it’s one of her best videos out of the heaps of videos she’s been releasing this year.

Nicki Minaj – ‘Freedom’ Music Video