We’ve all seen it. We’ve all commented on it. We’ve all wondered, is it real? Now, the question is circulating again. Ice-T’s wife Coco recently sat down with Perez Hilton for a short little chat where she revealed that Nicki Minaj herself had admitted to her that her behind wasn’t legit. Shocker. Did anyone out there really believe that wide load was a real deal? But Coco may have said just a little too much. At first she came right out and said, “I had read that it wasn’t. I thought that she came out with it? I heard it from her.” But, the moment Coco realized what she had said, she began to quickly backpedal to save herself.

“Okay I don’t know… We’re not even going to go there anymore. You know what I say about a lot of stylists that work with me… They work with me, they touch my body, they’re doing stuff all day long. So they’re doing that same thing to Nicki Minaj and they’re saying a little bit different.”

So for the record, Nicki Minaj has never formally said that her big butt was a lie (even though some brothers did deny). However, she has made comments about those who would even care. She told the New York Post, “people will pick anything to talk about, and that happens to be the thing at the moment. I love being a conversation piece.”

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