Just a week after Nicki Minaj announced that she was re-releasing Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, we are graced with a brand new single. That didn’t take very long. I feel like Nicki has been releasing singles and videos like mad as of late. Who ever said that those Young Money don’t hustle better take a seat. For her newest debut, Nicki teamed up with R&B princess, Cassie who I actually had a chance to interview a few months ago. Sorry pop-Nicki fans. This track is straight up hip hop.

As much as I say that, the track does have a little personality disorder. Nicki’s rapped verses fall along the lines of Beez In The Trap where as Cassie’s hook and chorus fall more along the lines of Fly which she performed with Rihanna. I think the radio doesn’t have much Top 40 radio potential but could do well in the Hip Hop/R&B market. Give a listen to The Boys below and let us know what you think. Was this track good enough to help promote a CD re-release? Sound off with your comments.

Nicki Minaj feat. Cassie, “The Boys”