It’s no secret that Nicki Minaj loves herself some Barbie. She’s practically modeled her entire look after the iconic doll. From wearing a huge Barbie bling’d out necklace to naming her breakout mixtape “Barbie’s World“, Minaj is definitely a fan. It’s only natural that a Nicki version of the Mattel toy was made. Sadly, for those wanting to own their own Nicki doll, you’re going to have to shell out a pretty penny.

The doll, smartly named Minajesty Barbie, is a one-off being sold for charity. Starting today til December 19, 2011, you can bid on the doll with proceeds benefiting Project Angel Food. Minajesty Barbie has a starting bid of $1,000 and estimated to be worth $15,000. If you have money to spend and a Nicki fan, this might be up your alley. From the hand-rooted eye lashes, tattoo on the left arm to Nicki’s cotton-candy pink hair, no detail was overlooked. It truly is impeccable. See Nicki Minaj in Barbie form for yourself below.

If you’re interested in purchasing the doll, head over to The bidding ends on Monday, December 19.