Who’d You Rather: Lachey VS Timmons

For this week’s Who’d You Rather, I thought I’d turn the temperature all the way up to 98 Degrees and throw down a battle between two of its hottest members… front man Nick Lachey and co-hottie Jeff Timmons. I first remember 98 Degrees for their hotness in their music video for The Hardest Thing. With them being all shirtless and sweaty, I’m sure the song wasn’t the only “hardest thing”.

Nick Lachey was a pivotal player in 98 Degrees’ success. His smooth vocal stylings on the lead vocals made their sound current and pop enough for the times but still made them fresh. Nick was able to make all the girls (and the girly boys) swoon when he looked into the camera with his dusty blue eyes. I’m sure that is one thing that soon to be wife, Vanessa Mannillo loves about him too (besides his hot body).

Jeff Timmons was personally always my favorite. He had the whispery voice and that cutest face out of all of them. PLUS his body was so muscular and to die for. As a young boy confused about his sexuality in high school, the posters of him shirtless that showed up in J-14 Magazine were also snuck into my bedroom. Once the band split up he tried to go solo but couldn’t seem to the catch the wave of success.



Who'd You Rather: Lachey VS Timmons

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  • EZ

    I literally just had this debate with some girlfriends on Monday! I was outvoted 🙁 Maybe it’s the fact I always root for the underdog, or the less popular vote, but I always preferred Jeff!

  • Marc

    Both, and at the same time.

  • Daizuke

    Jeff.. what I can do both of them

  • zurvivor

    based on looks and body,i go with jeff timmons.