Nick Jonas Debuts Music Video For His Golden Globe-Nominated Song ‘Home’

Earlier this week, Nick Jonas earned his first-ever Golden Globes nomination. His soundtrack contribution, “Home,” for the animated film Ferdinand is what got him noticed by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

“My manager was on the phone and he informed me and I think I called just about everyone I know,” Jonas told Billboard about learning he was nominated. “I looked at at my phone and saw that I missed calls from the director Carlos [Saldanha], and then I called my parents, my brothers and a bunch of other friends and of course Justin and we both just screamed on the phone and were so excited.”

The 25-year-old singer just debuted his “Home” music video. Since Ferdinand is about a bull, fittingly Jonas is shown plucking his guitar inside a bullfighting arena, a CGI one at that. Couldn’t they afford to film it in an actual arena. For God’s sake, it’s a Golden Globe-nominated song 😉

Check out the music video below. It’s a bit budget, but at least Jonas is looking as fine as ever.

Nick Jonas ‘Home’ Music Video