Nick Jonas Films Alternate ‘Chains’ Music Video At Wynwood Walls


Chains” was originally picked as the lead single for Nick Jonas’ eponymous album. When the single failed to make a dent on the charts and on radio, it was relegated to buzz single status.

In an interesting twist, Jonas’ camp decided to give the kick drum-driven track a second chance. A remix featuring Jhene Aiko was released and now an alternate music video has dropped.

This time around, the 22-year-old singer opted to go the colorful route as opposed to the dark and moody original visual. Filmed at the famous Wynwood Walls graffiti and street art center in Miami, Jonas parties at an outdoor vibrant post-apocalyptic-themed rave while video vixens dance around him.

It’s kind of an odd direction to go given the lyrics. I would’ve much preferred something more seductive featuring a scantily-clad Jonas. Anyhoo, check out the new version below directed by Black Coffee and Peter Tunney.

Nick Jonas ‘Chains’ The Wynwood Walls Edition Music Video

Nick Jonas ‘Chains’ Original Music Video