Nick Jonas Poses For Stylish British GQ Spread


While most would prefer Nick Jonas without any article of clothing, I actually quite enjoy his fashion editorials. With his physique, he can pull off any look. Dude can certainly rock a leather jacket like a pro model.

“Maybe I’m selfish to want to both act and sing because I am very aware that not a lot of performers have that chance,” Nick tells the publication. “But what I love about acting is the challenge. Music comes pretty easy for me but I have to work very hard on the acting side.”

The 22-year-old singer appears in the latest issue of British GQ. Photographer Steve Neaves snaps Nick in threads by Diesel, Paul Smith and Hunter Gather to name a few. Check out the slick stylish spread below.


For more, head over to British GQ.

  • Kaitlyhn Harding

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