Man Crush: Nick Denbeigh

If you watched Toni Braxton’s newly-released “I Heart You” music video you probably drooled over her love interest. I know I did and that’s why I’m picking him as my Man Crush for this week. Meet Nick Denbiegh, the man who stole Braxton’s heart in the video and in real life. The two are rumored to be dating. Damn, that Toni is one lucky beyotch.

Denbeigh is a 28-year-old model/actor hailing from Spokane, Washington. He can attribute his gorgeousness to his mixed heritage. His mom is African American and German, while is dad is of Native American and Norwegian descent. All the ingredients make for one sexy package. Nick was discovered by a talent scout while playing arena football. Surprise, he’s a former athlete. No wonder he looks so good in athletic attire.

As a model he landed gigs for DNA Magazine, Adidas Give/Get campaign, Essence and various other publications. Toni Braxton’s video isn’t his only music credit. He was featured in Christina Milian’s “Against the World” video as well. He’s dabbled in acting and appeared in small roles in “Bring It On (Fight To The Finish) and “Blue Balloons”. Get to know every inch of this Adonis’ body in plenty of shirtless pictures below. Happy Friday.

Love the trench, but loving what’s underneath it more.

You think these two pics are hot, wait til you see the rest. RAWR.

Now that’s what I call thick. I’d piggyback that anytime.

Sitting back and showing off his goods for DNA magazine.

Someone’s got some swagger going on.

My, my Nick. What are those gloves for? On a side note, I kind like him more with hair, don’t you think?

I’d like to go “hiking” in that mountainous range known as his bubble butt.

Here’s another glimpse of that perfect behind.

We don’t show full-on nudity here, but you have to Google that right pic. His bare ass is something to behold and worship.

“Keep Calm”. That’s virtually impossible with him showing off his guns while holding a big ol “tool”.

Spinning some tracks for his rumored love, Toni Braxton. Talk about one lucky cougar.

I’d like to slam dunk his basketballs.

Someone’s “cooking” in the kitchen.

My, what big feet you have. I wonder if it’s true what they say about big feet.

Looks like it’s true. Big feet, big visible penis line.

Ready for a night out on the town.

For all you pit lovers out there. You’re welcome.

  • Slade

    Move over Bradley Cooper!!! Sexiest Guy ALIVE!!!!! HANDS DOWN!!

  • Jeff

    He’s smoking hot! Wouldn’t change a thing =p

  • Ewan

    So that’s his surname! I’ve been searching all over of him 😀 He’s so adorable with hair..

  • KC

    I agree… he looks cuter with a head of hair.

  • With hair or without; Nick is damn fine/

  • Vivi Mucha

    Looks like Chace Crawford.

  • Damon

    I went to Highschool with this guy! He has come a long way and man is he ever sexy now!

  • WhenISuckTheyCum

    I sucked his dick a couple of times and he’s not working with much in terms of length but he’s thick!

  • lakesha j

    hey! nick its nice to leave you another message this is lakesha what s new for this year on your agenda! oh and happy new year.