Man Crush: Nick Ayler

As mentioned in my Man Crush last week, I typically avoid featuring male models for this feature since I have Model Behavior specifically for that. But since our American readers are celebrating Thanksgiving today and eating too much turkey, I thought I’d pick an extra juicy plump piece of man meat to gawk at today. If not only to serve as a reminder not to eat too much today.

This week’s Man Crush selection is so friggin’ hot I’d gobble, gobble up every ounce of him. Then I would baste him in all my loving and taste his stuffing. If I forgot any other turkey pun, please feel free to insert that here too. Meet 24-year-old male model Nick Ayler. You probably recognize him, if not his body, from ad campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch along with photo shoots for DNA Magazine, Men’s Exercise and Bello.

Aside from modeling, Ayler has also dabbled in acting. He’s appeared in movies like “Holy Rollers” and “Fighting” and television shows “Army Wives” and “Mercy“. In addition, he’s a lover of music and currently developing his DJ skills and released several remixes on his SoundCloud account. I’d definitely hire him for my next party. When asked what words he would use to describe himself, Nick used punctual, determined, ambitious, out-going, and open-minded. I especially like the last one since he has no problem showing off his hot body for us to lust after. Check him out in all his glory in the pictures below.

If you think he looks good from the side, wait til you see him from all angles.

Doesn’t his eyes just melt your heart?

Someone’s so fiery hot he has to douse himself with a bucket of water. Plus it’s a great way to show off his VPL (visible penis line).

I’d let this gardener landscape anything he wants.

Saddle up Nick because Papa is about to take you for a ride. Giddy up.

Just lounging in bed resting his head on a ball.

Now he’s tossing the ball. He sure likes balls. As an aside, doesn’t he look good on his knees, right?

En garde. Nick is about to poke you with his stick.

Sporting a short ‘do. I like the long hair better. More to grab onto *wink*

Why are his pants almost always unbuttoned? Not that I’m complaining.

He’s so bendy. RAWR.

UGH, I’m regretting the big meal I just had. I want abs like that. Better yet, I want to lick my next meal off abs like that.

I’d ride bitch on his motor bike Especially if he’s wearing this.

Nick in all his shirtless and pube glory. Too damn hot for his own good.

Doesn’t he look a bit like that guy from Revenge, Joshua Bowman.

There’s more definition on Nick than there are in a dictionary.

Giving a new meaning to business casual.

Obviously, this is a cropped shot. Google the uncensored version. His booty tooch in the air is a sight to behold.

Wake up sunshine, we’re about to have some fun in bed 😉

  • KB

    best crush in a while 🙂

  • Brian


  • Wes

    Wow! You weren’t kidding about the uncropped version of that pic.

  • MaLizMa

    WHOA!!! … Delish! … LOVE the ‘pube’ shots …
    absolutely, stunningly, gorgeous!
    One of you best posts … EVER!!!!

  • Wokers

    his booty tooch (on google) could easily kill allison’s. WOW.

  • Gabriel

    I am thankful for this post…

  • Marck

    Oh guys, you MUST see the new Made in Brazil:

  • votta

    He really looks like Benjamin Godfre!

  • lwin moe aung

    very handsome man ! He’s really amazing cute !

  • gogo

    Best Man Crush ever!!!

  • Delicious!!!!…….super exitante!!!!……

  • …this guy has the cutest smack and suck look of any male model! He has adorable hairy, sexy legs and a lovely smile….
    …ready to explode in my panties!!!!