Whaaaat the heck just happened?! It was a sad, unpredictable week for a lot of hockey fans. As I predicted, San Jose and Chicago knocked off the Red Wings and the Canucks, respectively. The Wings just didn’t have another series in the gas tank, and Chicago just seems to have Vancouver’s number.

The East though. The East. Again, what the heck happened!? My precious Penguins couldn’t knock off the 8th seeded Canadiens. Montreal made no mistakes in the games that counted. Gionta, Cammalleri, Halak, and new comer PK Subban walked all over the Pens in game seven. Within the first minute of the game, Crosby and Cooke drew penalties and Fluery let in a weak goal. It was a tough game to watch.

As amazing as Montreal’s wins over Washington and Pittsburgh are, where did Philly come from!? After I had all but dismissed them in round 2 due to all their injuries, they fell behind in the series 3-0. Only a handful of teams in all of professional sports history have come back from a 3 game best-of-seven deficit. Ironically, the last memorable time that happened is when the Boston Red Sox staged the ultimate comeback in the World Series a couple of years ago. This year, Boston’s on the other side of the coin. Amazingly enough, game seven’s goals mirrored the series the exact same way. Philly was down 3 goals to 0 before picking it up and ultimately winning 4-3. One of the greatest comebacks in sports history for sure.

Eastern Conference

Philadelpia Flyers vs. Montreal Canadiens

Well, I’m 1 for 6 in predicting eastern conference match-ups, so I don’t know what to think. The series is already one game in, and Philly destroyed Montreal 6-0. I would love to see another Pennsylvania team get back at the Canadiens (even if it is the Flyers), so with nothing to really go on, I’m going to say Philly is heading to the finals. Oh, and all those fairweather bandwagon jumpers saying we should cheer for the last Canadian team in the playoffs, look at the rosters. Just as many home-grown Canadians on the Flyers as there are in Montreal.

Philly in 6

Western Conference

San Jose Sharks vs. Chicago Blackhawks

One of the bad parts about living in Europe is the extreme time difference. I’m 9 hours behind the west coast, which means that a 7pm game doesn’t start until 4am. I loves me some hockey, but I loves me a good sleep a whole lot more. So although I feel like this series is going to be amazing to watch, I most likely will have to be happy with next day highlights. So, as for who’s going to win, seems like a lot of people are saying this is San Jose’s year. I think they’ve done great so far, but I have to go with the Hawks. They got a taste of playoff success last year, making it all the way to the Conference finals as well. San Jose didn’t really dominate the Hawks in the regular season the way they did everyone else, so don’t expect the seed numbers to make any difference. Especially since Chicago already walked away with an away victory.

Chicago in 6

So, by my count, we’ll be seeing a Philly / Chicago final. I can live with that. May even have to deal with the sleep deprivation for the finals.