NFL Play-offs: Division Semi-Finals

There was a lot of action to watch on TV this past weekend, but one of the hottest pieces of action were the four NFL division semi-final matches between a number of unexpected teams following last weekend’s Wild Card race, leading up to Super Bowl XLV in just a few weeks time (Feb. 6 in Texas).

Naturally I was glued to the TV to watch the Seahawks take on the Chicago Bears in the Windy City (much to the BFs liking); but that was only one of the games being played out this weekend to determine which teams will face off next weekend in the division championship matches.

The first game on Saturday saw the Baltimore Ravens battle the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you are a sports fan and caught this game, then you saw one of THE best play-off comebacks in the last decade, if not history. Heading into halftime Baltimore was leading (or should I say trouncing) the Steelers 21-7, looking confident with a seemingly easy win in their grasps. The tide changed pretty fast during the third quarter as a result of three turnovers! Devastating to watch if you were a Ravens fan, but ridiculously awesome if you were cheering for the Steelers, as they crawled back to life and managed a FANTASTIC 31-24 victory, allowing only 3 points against in the second half of the game. That’s what I call regrouping during half time!

The second game on Saturday pitted the Green Bay Packers against the Atlanta Falcons. I hate to admit it but I didn’t watch this game, and therefore my opinions are second-handed based largely on the articles and sports write ups I read post-game. It looks as if the impressive 13-3 Atlanta Falcons simply failed to show up to their game against the Packers, and limped their way into losing 48-21 to Green Bay. Needless to say the Packers fans had a lot to cheer about and next week’s division championship should be one for the record books!

The first game on Sunday was a bad way to start the day, at least for me, as I was cheering for the Seahawks. At one point I was simply staring at the screen, reading the score of 21-0 for the Chicago Bears, and thought, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED THIS LAST WEEK?!? It was obvious from the start that the win from last week went to a lot of player’s heads, and quarterback Hasselbeck just couldn’t pull it together. To be fair to the team, they rallied to score 24 points in the last 17 minutes of the game; however, at that point Chicago had secured an untouchable lead, wrapping up the game at 35-24 in favour of the Bears. DAMN IT!

The final game of the weekend saw the New York Jets tackle the New England Patriots, and although I wasn’t able to watch this game, I was definitely routing for the Jets. There is a smell of underdog for this team in every match up they walk into, which calls for my automatic support. There are so many ‘highlights’ from this game, from exceptional passes and touchdown completions (mainly from the Jets) that I can’t even do justice to write about them without witnessing them first hand! If you saw this game, then you saw football brilliance. If you simply watched the highlights, like yours truly, then you’re silently kicking yourself for doing whatever else it was yesterday afternoon.

The match ups next week are going to EPIC battles of NFL madness, and with the BF working I’ll have all the time in the world to sit back and enjoy the show.

The Chicago Bears will face the dominating Green Bay Packers in the NFC Conference Championship, which the other side of the country will focus on the New York Jets and their desperate attempt to knock out the Pittsburg Steelers in the AFC Conference Championship, for their shot at Super Bowl XLV. It’s bound to be an amazing weekend of Football folks!

Which match-up would you most like to see in Super Bowl XLV?

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