“Housewives” fans will forever remember this day as Bloody Thursday. After Bravo slashed more than half the New York cast, it seems more than appropriate. Thank God, the higher ups and Andy Cohen realized that Season 4 of the addictive show was more than a little off. Not only was the season boring, but it seemed more mean-spirited than ever. It was like watching a bunch of middle-aged “Mean Girls” going through group menopause. Trust me, no one wants to see that.

Though Bravo has yet to confirmed the news, inside sources have told Rob Shuter of HuffingtonPost.com that four of the ladies were told of their situation via phone. Being fired is never a good thing, but at least it wasn’t via Twitter. I’m beyond excited about the news as I don’t think I could handle watching another season of the same group dynamic. Curious to find out who made and didn’t make the cut? Find out below.

According to Shuter, the ladies not being asked to come back are Alex McCord, Cindy Barshop, Kelly Bensimon and Jill Zarin. Somewhere out there, Bethenny Frankel is drinking a bottle of her SkinnyGirl Margarita in celebration with regards to the last two ladies. While Barshop’s status isn’t much of a shocker, considering she added nothing but chipped teeth and bedazzled vajayjays to the mix, the other three are mildly shocking especially in Zarin’s case. During the first two seasons, she was probably one of the most popular housewives in the entire franchise. That all changed when she showed a vindictive and ugly side during her feud with Frankel.

How are the ladies reacting to the news? In true Zarin fashion, her people have released the following statement: “Jill is still in discussions with Bravo for season 5 and no final decisions have been made”. Hopefully that’s just Zarin trying to save face, because I’m not sad to see her go. The only one I’ll miss is Alex McCord. Besides Frankel, McCord has had some of the best one-liners on the show including the infamous, “thug in a cocktail dress“. Bensimon’s firing is long overdue if you ask me. Girlfriend should’ve been exiled to Scary Island after her craziness during Season 3.

According to Countess LuAnn de Lesseps on New York Live, the producers are adding new ladies to the mix. Just how many? Sources say that three drama-filled ladies are being brought in. That being said, if any of the cast members don’t work out there is a possibility that Zarin, McCord or Bensimon could be reinstated. God, I hope not.

So why were the ladies cut? I hope it’s for their antics from the previous seasons, but rumors are floating around that it’s due to salary cuts. All the ladies were offered to return with a reduced paycheck but only some took them on their offer. Whatever the reason, I’m all for the cast shakeup. Can’t wait to see how Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan and LuAnn de Lesseps interact with the new ladies.

Are you shocked by the news? Which of the axed Housewives will you miss the most? Sound off below.