NYC City Offices Will Open Up To First Gay Marriages On July 24th

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New York City is about to feel some real gay love. In an amazing move by the city and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, NYC city offices are going to open up their offices to allow gay couples to get married on Sunday, July 24th, the same day as legalization. Horray! And to make it even better, the offices are staying open for 2 extra hours.

City clerks will be available in all 5 NYC boroughs along with judges to certify and officiate the marriages once they get their license. This is exciting news as it usually take 24 hours for your marriage license to even become valid after you receive it. However, the city is waiving this to allow for couples to wed on the same day as legalization. Mayor Bloomberg released this in his statement:

“This is a historic moment for New York, a moment many couples have waited years and even decades to see, and we are not going to make them wait one day longer than they have to.”

This is a huge news for New York and a giant step in the right direction for equal rights and gay marriages in the rest of the US and the world. I am thrilled to see and hear all the stories and photos that will be posted on this day. I’m sure there are a lot of people who have been waiting for this for a long time. Are you getting married in NYC on the 24th?