New Year’s Superstitions


Did you know there was even such a thing? I didn’t at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that many traditions, are also or stem from superstitions – and there are several! There are some that have to do with New Year’s Eve, and the stroke of midnight, and there are others that have to do with what you should or shouldn’t do on New Year’s Day. Now that I’ve looked into these, it’s going to be hard to not think about them this coming new year’s eve as we ring in 2010 and commence a new decade! Pretty big deal! A new decade, the Olympics, a lot happening this coming year!

If you’re at all superstitious, or even just curious, I’ve compiled a list of what to know for New Year’s Eve and what to know for New Year’s Day as well.

Things To Know/Do/Don’t Do At the Stroke of Midnight on New Year’s Eve:

  • Kissing At Midnight: Okay, I know that we’re supposed to kiss at midnight, but I didn’t realize there was a reason, other than a little action to launch you into the new year. Well, this superstition is that you’re supposed to kiss you’re true love at midnight so that you’ll live in love & happiness for the entire year that follows. Yeah, I know…the pressure to find your true love in time for the stroke of midnight!? Well, it actually really only applies to people in a relationship. What happens if you don’t kiss your partner? It means a cold relationship for the year. Single people, kiss whomever you want…unless they have a cold sore.
  • Have Money in your Pocket: If you have money in your pocket at the stroke of midnight, to encourage wealth and prosperity in the new year.
  • All the Doors and Windows Should Be Left Open: This will let the old year out and start fresh going into the new year. But, maybe you should lock everything up before you go to bed. I’m sure burglars would like to start their year off prosperously with all of your valuables.
  • Make A Lot of Noise at Midnight: Apparently, evil spirits what to ruin your year, right off the bat, so they’re coming fro you at the stroke of twelve….unless you’re loud, cheering, blowing a whistle, etc. I think everyone pretty much does this, no?

Things to Know/Do/Don’t Do On New Year’s Day:

  • Wear Something New and Red: Wearing new clothes on New Year’s Day is supposed to encourage new clothing to follow in the upcoming year. Your new item doesn’t have to be red, but you should wear red underwear and/or another red article of clothing for good luck. Hopefully red looks good on you!
  • Nothing Goes Out: This one I find interesting. You’re not supposed to spend any money on New Year’s Day – don’t even take down the recycling. Nothing goes out, unless you want people to be leaving you all year and you want to be paying and giving things away all year. Don’t even take out the trash. You’re not even supposed to leave your home, unless someone enters your home first! I don’t even get how that works, cuz what happens to the first person that leaves their home, so that others can have someone enter to free them? They just get bad luck? Anyway, if you want to get out of this, plan to have someone stop by to break you free from this one, otherwise you can stay home sans hangover food while you’re recovering, and you don’t want that to happen.
  • No Poultry: Since poultry scratch for their food, you want to avoid chicken and likes on this day, so that you’re not scratching for your own food all year long.
  • Do Something Successful:You should do something productive, something that is in line with your goals on this day, setting the tone for the rest of the year. By productive, I don’t mean clean, because you’re not supposed to do that on New Year’s Day either. And no crying either. If you cry on January 1st, you’ll be crying all year long. So do something that would be in line with the “successful” version of yourself.
  • Jared

    Lol, and here I was thinking Chinese people were superstitious on new years


    Does anyone know is it good luck or bad luck to take the christmas tree down before new years eve?

  • Maggie Joh

    If you take it down before Jan 5th (twelfth night) it is bad luck.

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  • Nora

    OK so what if you don’t wear anything with pockets? how are you supposed to bring money in the New Year?