Behind The Cast: New Years Resolutions

And just like that another year has gone by and a new one begins. January brings a fresh start for people interested in a little self reflection and personal growth. You can look back at what you may have (or haven’t) accomplished over the past year. Reflect upon the people that have come into your lives, relationships you’ve grown to value, and all the good times and bad.

Looking back (and inward for that matter) helps you to look forward with a little more focus and clarity. Here are some of the resolutions (or outlooks on resolutions) of a ten of the Homorazzi cast members, including myself, as we step into 2011.


I was never really one of those people that made resolutions for the new year. Although this works for some people, for me I tend to make the changes I need to at any given time of the year. Why wait til the new year when you can make that change whenever you want right?

That being said, as I come into the new year, the only thing I could think of is being more aggressive at achieving more when it comes to my career. I’ve been “content” lately and need to be more of a dreamer in life and figure out new goals I’d like to reach. Also to travel to more places I’ve never been to, take a break from europe and perhaps do South America and/or Australia.

So whatever your resolutions are for the coming year I wish you luck. Happy New Year!


  • 1. Re-introduce fiercely since Daniel – if you knew me in 2009, then you’ll be happy this persona is coming back for round two
  • 2. To take a camera course with a good friend (cast member Stephen if he’s still interested) to learn how to use and perfect my skills with my new DSLR camera
  • 3. Make significant financial gains in my savings and monetary funds – heck, I had to put this on here to sound more adult
  • 4. Travel more, be it on small or large excursions to places I have never been before and always wanted to see
  • 5. Learn to make my favorite meal – my Mom’s German soup (Eggy Soup), from scratch and have it taste ALMOST as good as her own

I’m keeping my list light and brief, and mostly attainable this year!


Another year has gone by and it’s time to gear up for another. Although I get the notion that New Year’s resolutions don’t stick, I do find that it’s a perfect time to give yourself a clean slate and reflect on some things you may what to change or work on in the new year.

So, here are a few things I’d like to work on this year. I’d like to spend a bit more time planning my week and days, so I can minimize stress and increase my effectiveness. Juggling two business, dogs, a boyfriend, friends, and family is not always easy. Anything I can do to minimize stress is key. Speaking of which, I want to continue keeping minimizing gossip and getting myself involved in unnecessary dramatic situations. I’ve been doing that for the second half of 2010 and it is a lot easier that I thought. Imagine how much my stress level has improved. Stress kills. The other thing I need to work on is planning for down time. As mentioned, with two businesses on the go and two business partners I’m in constant communication with, I need to be efficient enough to schedule in time that I’m not working. It’s way to easy for me to start working when I wake up and not stop until bedtime. Needless to say that’s not healthy and leads to Grumpy Patrick. This year I’m going to work even harder and spend more time trying to enjoy each day as best I can. Happy New Year everyone!


I’ll keep my list short and sweet.. Some of the resolutions I made last year, I actually followed through with. YAY for me. 2010 was a good year for me but with a few tweaks, I hope 2011 will be an even better year.

  • 1. Keep in touch more with my old friends. I tend to just keep the status quo and hang with people I see regularly. I’m lazy that way.
  • 2. Don’t procrastinate. I’m much better than last year, but there’s always room for improvement.
  • 3. Keep traveling more. Last year we hit Amsterdam, Dublin, London and France. Hopefully this year we keep the trend of making one huge trip with a ton of smaller trips in North America.
  • 4. Learn to play the guitar so I can look cool *wink* by the campfire.
  • 5. Eliminate the nonsense and drama and focus at the big picture. SO much better in 2010 than previous years, but like procrastinating, there’s always room to grow.
  • 6. Take more pictures. Recently, I created a 2010 picture book and realized I’ve fallen off taking pictures since I weened off Facebook. Back in 2008, I used to be such a picture Nazi. That boy is making a comeback and will be bigger than ever.
  • 7. Get back into the gym routine. To quote Regina George, “these sweatpants are all that fit me right now”. Not that I’m obese by any means, but I need to maintain or else I’ll be a prime candidate for the Biggest Loser in 2012
  • 8. Make a HUGE success.


As I get closer to the age of 30, I’ve been mentally been compiling a list of things I want to accomplish before I hit the big milestone. A lot are travel based. I want to visit 5 of the 7 continents. I’ve done 2 so far, and I’ll be hitting Asia in January. I want to do a trip to Antarctica sooner than later. Hopefully I can get to Chile and then grab a cruise down to see some penguins 🙂

Another goal I’ve always wanted to put effort in to is to learn another language. Visiting Spain twice this year started my love affair with the Spanish language. I would love to be conversationally fluent by the end of this year.

As for kicking a bad habit, I’m going to try to work on not correcting people when they’re wrong. No one likes a know-it-all.

Basically, I just want 2011 to mirror the fun I had in 2010. Visiting more of Europe, meeting some more great people and in September move back home and continue my life in Canada.


2010 was a jam packed year for me. I ended up living in 3 different provinces and had a handful of different jobs in different aspects of my career. The one thing I found the most difficult was keeping in touch with everybody and becoming a really bad friend. As little effort that it takes to send a quick Facebook message or text message, I couldn’t seem to find the time to keep in touch. I will say that I have the most amazing friends that give me the best support in the world and no matter how busy I am, they still know I am thinking of them and caring about them. So, for my 2011 resolution, I am going to do a better job of staying in touch with my friends and family and keep the lines of communication open. That’s really important to me.


As many of you know, Donovan and I celebrated our 10th year in 2010, so it goes without saying, I’ve enjoyed 2010 so much it’s going to be hard to top… But I’ll try!!
1. I started a new job in October, same company, but a different aspect of the bank all together. One of my goals will be to excel in the new role and make my mark.
2. I want to support Donovan’s pursuit for better fitness and increase my overall health and fitness along the way. We’ve both had a relatively inactive year so we will have some hard work ahead! (French fries, I miss you already!!)
3. I want to work at being a better friend. I often rely on Donovan to hold down our social relationships, placing a lot of pressure on him. I need to be better at returning text messages, facebook invites, and keeping in touch with my friends overseas.
4. Finally, I want to travel. At least one country I’ve never been to.


For the love of Pete 2010, please get your ass off my couch and OUT my door, we’re so over! Hey 2011, wanna make out?

Oh New Years, a time of reflecting on the year that has just passed and all the things that have happened (good and bad). 2010 was not my best year so I’m cheerfully welcoming 2011 with a smile on my face. I myself do not make New Years Resolutions because I know that they’re never going to stick. I prefer to make life choices at any time of theyear and try my best to stick with them, people who wait for NYE are just procrastinators in my opinion. Why wait until a new year to
change your life for what I assume to be the better? Just get up and do it today, what’s stopping you?

Every year hundreds of thousands of people go out to party on New Years Eve, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’ve decided to change that for myself. Yes, this year I am going out with friends but more so out of obligation because I’m going to be the DD and want to make sure my friends all get home safe. My friend once told me that she doesn’t go out at all, year after
year, on NYE because she rather be at home. She does this because she sits at home meditating on the past year and all the good & bad things that have happened. When midnight hits she can hear all the noise and people going crazy and feels the energy in the air and lets go of the previous years energy to make room for the new year. The next day she wakes up and hits the gym starting off her year on a positive note. She says doing this starts her year right and then if you do that the
rest of your year will follow in the same trend. I think this is a brilliant idea so after I make sure my friends are safe at home I’m hitting my own bed and getting up at a decent hour to hit the gym and
start my year off right, maybe this way 2011 will be a better boyfriend than 2010 was. Have a happy and save New Year everyone


Another year has come and gone… actually, a decade has passed, which is crazy to think about and reflect back on. Last year, I didn’t so much make a New Years Resolution, but committed myself to living my best life moving forward (yes, ‘living my best life’ is an Oprah adage). I had 5 areas of my life that I wanted to improve on, they were to focus on my career, reduce my debt, get a hobby, get into shape and strengthen my mind muscle. 2010 for me really ended up being all about my career. I took a jump and moved to LA to pursue a job in advertising and couldn’t be happier with how things are going. This coming year, I still plan to continue building my career, but now that I’m a little more settled, want to shift some of that focus to other areas in my life.

Debt is still a headache for me and I’d like to make a big dent in that this year with more thoughtful spending and budgeting. I’d like to try and watch less TV and get my nose in more books (kudos to cast member Dan for being the modern day Lavar Burton). I say it every year, but I have to get my ass into a gym and start getting healthy. I’m still young and have time to get into shape, be healthy and bikini ready for the rest of my life. I want to start giving back, either with my time or with some monetary donations. And finally, this is a little more of a bucket list item, but I want to be sitting in the audience of The Oprah Winfrey Show before it goes off air in May. I’ll let y’all know how that goes.

Just like last year, I don’t want these to be resolutions… I still want to commit to bettering my life moving forward and not just for a year. So, here’s to 2011 and being a better me. Best wishes and good luck to everyone in the new year! (PS: Where are the flying cars?)


There’s a reason I like New Years, and it’s not because I love spending too much going somewhere I could go any other weekend for half the price. It’s not because I love looking for one of the few cabs that Vancouver actually has at 2am in the freezing cold. And it’s definitely not because of all the hype that leads to all the let down of being just another drunk night on the town.

I love New Years because I believe in rebirth and self improvement, and it’s really the one thing in my life that I’m sure of: that change is inevitable whether we cause it or not, and that the only thing that we fully have control over in this world is ourselves. So I look forward to every January 1st, not just because it’s my ex’s birthday (HAPPY ALMOST BDAY TIM!), but because it marks a place where I can go inside, do some self analysis and see where I want to be by this time next year. Yes, I realize I could do this at any ol’ point of the year, but we as humans mark naturally by ceremony, and I don’t think there’s any thing wrong with that. Click here to read the rest of Nic’s resolutions.


Hmmmm what to fix…

Well, I’m sure if you polled my friends you’d get one or two immediate responses to that one but, I suppose resolutions are suppose to be more about my own goals and less about the ideals of others. I think the expected answers from anyone who knows me (or hell has read more than a couple of my articles), would likely include a least a few of the following: too loud (annoying), too honest (crass), too skinny (not muscled enough), too… open-minded? Okay, there’s really no reasonable euphemism for slut 😉 Still, this day is about what we don’t like with ourselves or want to change so let’s start to look inwards shall we. Well, there’s always things I want to change about my life: the singledom, the lack of owning a four-bedroom penthouse suite downtown ha, being just shy of 5?11… but again, not really “resolutions” per se are they. Though I do suppose that not wanting to wander aimlessly from awful first date to awful grindr meet up is something that can be vaguely controlled by who I am and how I act. Click here to read the rest of Adam’s resolutions.

  • Ed

    lol, I was wondering why only your photo looks so good, Patrick.

    Then I found out who wrote this 😛

    Happy New Year, btw

  • Kevin

    omg, Brian’s resolutions are so cute, haha.
    One can really tell the connection in their relationship (half his resolutions contain Donovan!)