Behind The Cast: Nic’s New Years Resolutions

There’s a reason I like New Years, and it’s not because I love spending too much going somewhere I could go any other weekend for half the price. It’s not because I love looking for one of the few cabs that Vancouver actually has at 2am in the freezing cold. And it’s definitely not because of all the hype that leads to all the let down of being just another drunk night on the town.

I love New Years because I believe in rebirth and self improvement, and it’s really the one thing in my life that I’m sure of: that change is inevitable whether we cause it or not, and that the only thing that we fully have control over in this world is ourselves. So I look forward to every January 1st, not just because it’s my ex’s birthday (HAPPY ALMOST BDAY TIM!), but because it marks a place where I can go inside, do some self analysis and see where I want to be by this time next year. Yes, I realize I could do this at any ol’ point of the year, but we as humans mark naturally by ceremony, and I don’t think there’s any thing wrong with that.

The last three years have really worked for me. 3 years ago nearly to the day, I decided I was going to take up a serious hobby, something that I could pour myself into. 3 years later, I still have the joy for cooking that I found in 2008 and find making dinner a therepeutic and healthy way for me to unwind. 2009 was a simple one. Don’t buy bottled water. So I didn’t. And I still have two 1.5L Klean Kanteen’s, one for home, and one for work, to reduce my carbon footprint. Finally last year was a vague but all important one. I wanted to refocus my life. There were things that weren’t working, things that I hadn’t done, things that I felt were missing. So I stayed on vacation for longer than I thought I was going to last Christmas and had all the time in the world to myself to figure out where I wanted to be and what exactly it was that I wanted to do. 2010 saw me getting some kick ass (if not interesting at times) work experience, having my first apartment that was only mine, losing relationships, finding a new love, and deciding I did in fact want to be in the wine industry full time.

I may take New Years a little more seriously than some, but if not to meditate and analyze, then what? Continue to be bombarded by media, by work, by well meaning family and friends, by partners, children, bosses? To always be absorbing and processing and searching? It’s funny how a little moment of silence, inside yourself, can lead to a hell of a lot of clarity and help put you on the right footing for another year of living life as honestly and positively as you can.

I guess this whole rant may be a little self absorbed, but if you’re still reading, I think I’m trying to tell you to find meaning and happiness for yourself in 2011. For someone who has changed more this year than any other year he’s been alive, find that moment of clarity, and shoot for some clear goals as soon as the clock strikes midnight. It’s worth it to find your resolutions, and stick to them.