What To Wear: My Guide To Your New Year’s Eve Outfit

It’s time to ring in the New Year. It couldn’t come any sooner in my opinion. But now, it’s time to hop in the shower, get fresh and clean, wrap that towel around your waist and open those closet doors to pick out an outfit that will be sure to impress, not to mention, help you find that special someone to kiss when the clock strikes 12. Come on – that’s the most important part!

Everyone’s night is going to be different. Some of you may choose to chill with your friends at an intimate house party while others will brave the crowds and hit the club scene. Whatever the case may be, there is an outfit for you. But, if you’re starting at the house and the heading to the club, I have an outfit that will help you easily transition from one to the other without looking too flashy at your house party and keep you from looking dull at club.

Let’s start with the easiest piece first. Your underwear. You’ve got to feel comfortable. Make sure you put on your best, and most comfortable pair. If you’re going to the club, you’re going to be dancing and moving around so make sure your precious gems are safe and sound. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable downstairs to kick off your new year. That’s just bad karma. Add a little color just in case your midnight kiss turns into a little more – You catch my drift. Underwear is important for the house party go-er as well. Sitting around and mingling needs to be a breeze so pick an undie that breathes for more comfort and ease.

Every outfit for NYE needs a great dress shirt. Make sure you pick a shirt that fits you. Whether it’s a shirt that you had tailored or a shirt that fits your body perfectly, that’s the one for tonight. Key point – make sure it’s ironed. No one wants a wrinkly sleeve or flipped up collar. While white is classic for New Years, be adventurous and add a punch of color to your outfit to spice it up.

A tie is optional but can really refine your look. If you aren’t going to wear a tie, I suggest you unbutton the first two buttons on your dress shirt, but no more than that guido. You don’t want to show off that gold chain of yours. If you’re going to wear a tie, skinny is in. Pick a cotton tie with a subtle pattern. If you’re dress shirt is colored, go for a solid tie versus a patterned one. And, make sure the colors match. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself for all the wrong reasons. Side Note: Bow ties are also fashionable and fun. Pick a statement pattern or color or for a more casual look, leave it undone around your unbuttoned collar.

You’ve got your underwear on but now, it’s time for the pants. You can’t go wrong with a skinny or straight leg. Pick a dark denim or black/dark grey corduroy. I’ve also been seeing a lot of leather pants out there this end-of-year season but I would personally steer clear IMHO. A dark bottom will really ground your look and put more attention on your upper pieces. Make sure that they fit well and that you can move and sit in them. Don’t go buy a pair of pants and wear them immediately. Pick a pair that are broken in but don’t look too worn. A belt is also a great accessory especially when your shirt is tucked in. Make sure that buckle is clean and classy without being too big and flashy… unless you’re going to a country-western themed party.

Okay. Your shoes. This can make or break your outfit. Let’s start basic. A clean, polished black dress shoe always look great and finishes off your look perfectly. Another option is a good boot. Be sure that it matches your outfit and tuck your jeans or into them or cuff them above the boot. However, be sure your boot isn’t too clunky and bulky. You’re not in the military for real, but you are in the fashion army so choose wisely.

I am a big fan of the blazer. If you’re going to hit the club scene, I highly suggest you find one that suits your outfit best. For the more budgest fashionistas out there, H&M has some great options for you. Be sure to pick a blazer that is a lighter color than your pant unless you have a blazer that is a match to your pant. Don’t try and match the colors two opposing pieces. They never match so don’t attempt. For the house party goer, may I suggest a wool cardigan with big buttons. A cream, grey or black solid color is also a nice touch to your outfit and again, be sure that it pulls your outfit together.

Complete the ensemble with a great watch. Always a conversation piece if you pick the right one, a watch will help you be on time tonight and to let you know what midnight hits. Leave your Timex behind and get something fashionable. You’ll have everyone asking you, “Where’d you get that watch?”. Now, you’re ready to tackle the New Year’s Eve party scene. Party hard, drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive. See you in 2012 everyone!

  • Ahmed

    The party was amazing

    I actually just wore a blue jeans and a slim fit dress shirt from springfield
    I looked cool

    But lots of people were wearing as u suggested
    Great article, one i will follow next year