The New Spider-Man Is Black, Hispanic and *GASP*… GAY?

Looks like Andrew Garfield taking over Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker in the upcoming film reboot isn’t the only change in the Spider-man world. There seems to be a changing of the guard it the comic book world as well. It’s been six months since Marvel announced they were killing off Peter Parker in the “Ultimate Spider-Man” series, causing much speculation on who would fill his Spidey unitard. Fans needn’t wonder anymore, as the identity of Parker’s successor has finally been revealed.

Meet Miles Morales, a biracial teen, who comes from a completely different background than Parker. I know what you’re thinking… this reeks of a publicity stunt. Marvel Editor Axel Alonso insists it isn’t but rather a conscious decision to reflect the diversity found in America. Who know there was affirmative action in the superhero world as well. LOL.

“When the opportunity arose to create a new Spider-Man, we knew it had to be a character that represents the diversity — in background and experience — of the twenty-first century,” Alonso says on Marvel’s website. “Miles is a character who not only follows in the tradition of relatable characters like Peter Parker, but also shows why he’s a new, unique kind of Spider-Man — and worthy of that name.”

Though Morales background hasn’t been fully revealed, the biggest rumor floating around the blogsphere is that Miles might be a big ol’ homo. I love how the character is already a visible minority of African-American and Hispanic descent, but let’s make him gay as well. Let’s just whack this kid with the minority stick *wink*. I wouldn’t be shocked if we find out his parents are of Asian descent and with a physical and/or mental handicap.

I would’ve bet money that Marvel’s first “out” comic hero would’ve been Robin. Let’s face it, Boy Wonder has been pining over Batman’s utility belt for years.

For all of who wondered how Peter Parker died. He met his demise at the hands of Green Goblin in “Ultimate Spider-Man” Issue 160. But just like soap operas, I wouldn’t be surprised if Parker resurrects from the dead in a future issue. Complicating matters even more, you can still see Peter Parker in the regular Marvel Universe and as part of the New Fantastic Four. Who knew comics were so complicated?

  • Jimi

    Lol. ROBIN AND BATMAN are from the DC UNIVERSE, not Marvel, unfortunately. #FactCheck

  • ^ thank you. I was totally gonna post that. Marvel doesn’t really do a whole lot of side kicks to my knowledge…except I feel like Captain America had one temporarily.

  • Harlequin

    And Marvel has had a few ‘out’ superheroes, the first and most prominent one being Northstar (Who’s canadian, and was a member of the Canadian super team Alpha Flight), there’s also Midnighter and Apollo, who are husbands. In the DC universe, that title belongs to Batwoman, who is a lesbian.

  • Jérémy

    Marvel also has Rictor who’s gay, for anyone who enjoys the X-Factor comics XD. I know I do. And honestly, I’m glad that they show diversity, sure it’s probably a publicity stunt but are we going to critique them for not having diversity and then blame them for having too much?

  • G

    Funny, the marvel universe already has a GAY TEENAGE AFERICAN AMERICAN superhero, named Anole who belongs with the X-men.

    Marvel also currently has a gay romance between two teenage superheros in the young avengers (Wiccan and Hulkling).

    I could go on about the other gays, but I shall save myself for I would come across as a complete nerd.