New Releases Out This Week: January 10th

2010 brought us a lot of good movies, but none garnered the praise that was received for the social network. Starring Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield, this movie tells the story of the creation of Facebook (click here to become a fan of Homorazzi on Facebook). Although actual creator, Mark Zuckerberg, claimed multiple times that not all of the facts within the movie were 100% accurate, the movie gained a ton of Oscar and this Sunday, we discover if it wins a Golden Globe.

On Tuesday, you can relive all the drama on Blu-ray and DVD. Both discs feature a ton of special features that are sure to get you amped up about this film’s road to the Oscars. The big featurette is titled How Did They Ever Make a Movie of Facebook? broken down in to four parts including looks at the first draft, multi-angle scene breakdowns and much more. If commentaries are more your thing, than you can listen to David Fincher and many of the cast give you some behind the scenes scoop while you watch.

Piranha 3D – Blu-ray, DVD and 3D Versions

This movie didn’t perform very well at the box office but I’m sure its more of a renter anyways. Starring Jerry O’Connell and Jessica Szohr from Gossip Girl, this thriller tells the story of kids on spring break but the party gets cut short when the lake becomes infested with human killing piranha. The special features include five behind-the-scene featurettes.

Hot In Cleveland Season 1 on DVD

For all you Betty White fans out there (myself included), make sure you snag this first season to catch some of TV’s most underrated comedy. Follow the lives of these four women as they tackle lives most hilarious of situations like family, love and of course, sex. The special features look just as hilarious as the show including bloopers, cast interviews and the original full length pilot. For a full season, the price is reasonable so go pick this up!

Alpha And Omega – Blu-ray and DVD

For the little tykes in your life or just some good old animation fun, check out the story of these two wolves trying to find their way home after park rangers shipped them half way across the country. With voices from Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere and Christina Ricci, I’m sure this film packs a small dose of entertainment value for the adults who will accompany the children who watch it. Special features include a ton featurettes, trivia, an interactive game and deleted scenes.

Cake – Showroom Of Compassion

This group hasn’t released any new material since 2004, but this album will mark Cake’s sixth studio album. The album took two and a half years to create and produce in Cake’s very own solar electric powered recording studio in Sacramento, CA. Sick of You was picked as a stand-out track by Spin magazine saying that it sounded like vintage Cake was back. I also enjoy Long Time and Got To Move.

Cage the Elephant – Thank You Happy Birthday

When this band released their first album in 2009, they brought back the style of slacker funk-punk. Even though they were targets to much criticism, it didn’t slow them down from creating another album that is sure to make fans of this genre jump for joy. After penning and recording 80 songs, the band pulled this album together to make it the best they could. Stand-out tracks include Aberdeen, Indie Kidz and Shake Me Down.

Steel Magnolia – Steel Magnolia

An interesting fact about this new duo? They met at a karaoke bar in Nashville when they randomly were picked to sing Air Supply’s All Out Of Love together. Turned out this duet turned into a match made in musical heaven. Their blend of styles makes them really unique and since forming in 2006, record execs really began to take notice. All the hard work paid off as they release their first full album with twelve tracks that sure to impress any listener. I’ve listened to a few songs and I highly recommend it if you like an easy listen.