Former X Factor Contestant Is Newest Pussycat Doll

At this point, I’ve lost count on the revolving door that is the Pussycat Dolls. Ever since Nicole Scherzinger, Jessica Sutta, Melody Thornton, Ashley Roberts and Kimberly Wyatt disbanded, a series of wannabe hoochies have been paraded by founder Robin Antin, touting them as PCD 2.0. Even with no new music released, we’ve seen several iterations of the “new” PCD. At this year’s Super Bowl, the “supposed” final lineup were introduced in a much-hyped Go Daddy commercial.

Based on new photos, Antin’s A.D.D. has once again affected the lineup. Only two girls from the Super Bowl Go Daddy commercial remain, Lauren Bennett (Paradiso Girls) and Paula Van Oppen (SYTYCD). Most notably gone is former Girlicious singer Chrystina Sayers. Fans of the low-rent PCD shouldn’t be disappointed, because another former member of Girlicious has taken her place. Sadly, it’s not my favorite Nichole Cordova, but rather Natalie Mejia, the sexy Latin chick. Also in the latest lineup is a former “X Factor” Season 1 contestant. Find out who below.

Fans of “X Factor” might recognize Simone Battle (second from right). She was the one who auditioned in those tight red satin shorts and ironically performed “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls. Was her audition for Simon Cowell merely a warmup for her real audition for Antin? Battle replaces Amanda Branche as the “token black girl” aka the new Melody Thornton.

Filling in as the token redhead is Girlicious’ Mejia who’s swapped out her brown hair for more of a fiery mane. The fifth girl is Natasha Slayton. Don’t know much about her, but until the girls release a new track, I won’t bother getting to know this chick. Based on Robin Antin’s track record, she won’t last long, along with the other girls.

Just in case you forgot who Battle was from “X Factor“, I’ve embedded her audition below. If you still have a craving for more Simone after watching the clip, be sure to check out her “He Likes Boys” music video, which she shamelessly plugged as she was being eliminated from the Fox show. Loved that moment.

Simone Battle X Factor Audition

Do you think Robin Antin and the Pussycat Dolls will ever released a new album? Or are all these lineup shakeups lame attempts to garner press? You excited to have Simone Battle in the group? Sound off below.

  • Doug

    This is ridiculous. This is like the 4th line up change since the original 5 left. The new groups lineup changes 4 or 5 times before we even hear any music?? I was excited but now who even knows if these girls will be in the group??!! I have to say i am excited for natalie though i loved girlicious! My fav was nichole too donovan but its okay shes already in a new group too about to come out called girls united! They already shot a video too! Cant wait!

  • Evan

    I am very excited to see Simone Battle join PCD. That girl is fire. I’m also happy to see Natalie join PCD. As for the other Girlicious members, Chrystina will be releasing a solo single called “Alive” very shortly, and as Doug mentioned, Nichole is in a new girl group who will be releasing their first single soon. Good luck to all these wonderful, talented girls!

  • AleckzanderB.

    I Like Simone Com’on When She Said She Was Releasin “He Like Boys” I Was Like I Gotta Hear And I LOVED I…..But As A Part Of PCD 5.0 IDK……As Fa My Baby Natalie Dont Hate Play With Ha I Aint Gon’ Lie I Mad That Chrys Is Gone Ha Vocal R A BEAST!