So I won’t take credit for my most recently discovery, as I totally jacked this idea from a buddy who posted a picture on Facebook showcasing the latest fad involving Jello shooters.

I personally over the years have been known to throw back a shot or two, but the grumbles definitely start once the Jello shooters come out. My biggest beef with the whole process is getting the Jello OUT of the mini-cup/holder once the Jello mixture has set. I usually end up with a few paper/plastic cuts on the edge of my tongue, a reminder the next morning of the moment when I should have said, ‘enough is enough’.

As the headline of the article states, there is a new fad in the Jello world, and I have to say it’s has made my life a heck of a lot easier. The steps are simple. Buy a bundle of oranges (the number required is determined on the size of the party – one half orange per guest should do), cut the oranges in half, hollow out the inner fruit (to be saved for a fruit salad the following morning of course), pour in the Jello mixture and place in the fridge to set.

Once the Jello has set, cut the halves into thirds or quarters (dependant on the size of the orange) and you are good to go! The execution is beautiful and the difficulty of taking the shot is removed!

See the banner photo for the perfect example!