The New Grindr: Tribes, Filters, Enhanced Chat & More

Grindr, the most popular location based gay “dating” app, has just released a new update with several new features aimed at making it a faster and more engaging experience for the seven million-plus users around the globe. The update features a sleek new design (included a slightly different take on the logo), an optimized user interface and many other features that allow users to narrow down their search for Mr. Right (…or Mr. Right now).

“We rewrote the software for the new Grindr with a focus on speed – giving our users the ability to meet other guys in mere minutes. We did that by strengthening the app’s reliability and performance, and by introducing ‘Tribes‘ and other filters to make it even simpler for men to identify themselves and find exactly what they’re looking for,” said Joel Simkhai, founder and CEO of Grindr. “Get ready for a whole new level of user personalization, speed and convenience to the Grindr experience, along with many added capabilities for Grindr Xtra users – all in a new sleek design.”

Do you know how many chat messages were sent on Grindr in the last month? One billion! They also exchanged one billion photos and logged in one billion times in a two month time span. Check out the specifics on the new features below and if you’re a Grindr user yourself, share your thoughts on the latest update in the comments.

New Grindr features include:

  • Powered by all-new software for enhanced speed and performance, the new Grindr has a sleek design that includes updates to its logo and profile.
  • With the new Grindr Tribes, users can identify themselves with a niche group and filter their search to help find their type of guy. Grindr Tribes include: Bear, Clean-cut, Daddy, Discreet, Geek, Jock, Leather, Otter, Poz, Rugged, Trans and Twink.
  • Grindr users can filter by Age, Looking For, and Tribes.
  • A new Chats inbox feature enables users to see all their past conversations; view chats from Favorites; and delete individual lines of text from a chat screen.
  • Grindr users can see profiles, location and last-online data update of other Grindr guys. And, the Grindr cascade screen features larger thumbnails and users can automatically Load More Guys as they scroll.
  • Grindr users can show off their Grindr Tribe, Looking For and Body Type in their Profile, along with the ability to link to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and increased About Me and Display Name character limits.
  • And the new Grindr supports the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S screen size.

Features for the new Grindr Xtra, the premium subscription version of Grindr, include:

  • All of the above, plus…
  • Grindr Xtra users get unlimited filters: Photos Only, Height, Weight, Age, Body Type, Ethnicity, Looking For, Relationship Status and Grindr Tribes. (Grindr users get three filter options.)
  • With Tribes, Grindr Xtra users will be able to choose up to three Grindr Tribe affiliations. (Grindr users get one.)
  • Grindr Xtra users can effortlessly send more saved photos from “My Photos” and phrases from “Saved Phrases”; quickly send multiple photos previously sent to other users; and add new “Saved Phrases” from within chats.
  • Grindr Xtra users will have an enhanced swipe navigation that allows them to quickly switch between both profiles and chats.
  • Grindr Xtra users can view 300 guys – that’s 200 more than Grindr.
  • Grindr Xtra users can favorite (and block) an unlimited number of Grindr guys, and have the ability to view favorites who are online at any given moment.
  • With the Online Only button, Grindr Xtra users can quickly find the guys who are online and ready to chat right now.
  • And Grindr Xtra has no banner advertising.