Everyone’s favorite new Twitter user, Ryan Murphy, bestowed a couple of goodies online, making Gleeks universally ecstatic. The Glee co-creator unleashed the show’s first Season 4 poster, along with a cast photo with one notable fan-favorite missing. Is someone not coming back, even though Murphy stated a few months ago that everyone was returning in different capacities?

The first visual features special guest star Kate Hudson motioning the loser “L” in the show’s signature style. With the tagline “Sometimes the Big Apple bites“, it appears things will not be a walk in Central the park for former New Directions MVP. Someone will definitely not be the teacher’s pet. Rachel Berry better be on her best behavior or in this case, pointed toes since Hudson is playing a dance teacher. Hudson certainly looks like she’s embracing her deliciously mean new character.

Glee Season 4 Cast Photo

In the second piece of artwork, the Season 4 cast is shown in a panoramic photo. Does it reveal any spoilers? Perhaps. Santana is situated with Rachel and Kurt. Is the Latina lesbian heading to New York City as well? Does this mean the end of Brittany and Santana? Given that they’re the only couple not beside each other, I would think so.

So who’s missing from the photo? Coach Bieste, Emma, Sugar and Joe are all absent from the cast photo along with Glee Project Season 2 champ, Blake Jenner. But the most glaring omission is Dianna Agron’s Quinn Fabray. Has she ditched the FOX show for a movie career? Murphy appeased Quinn fans by tweeting, “Gleeks, please relax. Dianna is still on the show. We love her and have great plans for Quinn. #QuinnFabrayLives”. Quinn fans can now breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Just in case you don’t recognize a few of the faces above, they’re a quartet of new additions. Dean Geyer (Terra Nova), Jacob Artist (Melissa & Joey), Melissa Benoist (Homeland) and Becca Tobin (Wiener & Wiener) are all joining the cast on a recurring basis.

Are you looking forward to seeing how the producers handle all the graduates, new characters and McKinley High students? Do you think any of the couples from last year will break up? Sound off below.