Check Out The New Trailer For TNT’s Dallas Reboot

The show doesn’t start for another six months but already, the trailers and previews for TNT’s Dallas reboot are coming out hot and heavy. Donovan introduced us to the first trailer this summer but now, a second trailer has been released. The clip introduces the story line for the second helping of South Fork and inserts a few clips from cast interviews where the men and the women discuss the the original and the rebirth of such a classic tale.

What will make this redux of the classic hit a success is the continuation of the story, plus the inclusion of the original cast. The story line focuses on JR and Bobby Ewing once again however this time, trying to break the cycle of what was their bitter rivalry years ago. However, history seems to repeat itself and the family continues to duke it out in some serious primetime soap opera drama. Honestly, I cannot wait. In a summer that is usually filled with heaps of reality TV, the Dallas series will be a welcome change to the line up.

In the cast interviews, we hear the original cast discuss how the original show was the first time people saw a functioning, dysfunctional family and that’s what made it so appealing. We also hear the men discuss good guys vs. bad guys and Jesse explains how you can’t escape your heritage; it’s in your DNA. The quote that rings out for me is “the audience is going to have the comfort of the familiar with this really special chemistry of the new.” Check out the new trailer below.

Dallas Revival Trailer, TNT